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Commercial & Legal Translation Services

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Our team of professional translators work exclusively in their native language. In most cases they are actually based in the country where the desired language is spoken. This means that your text will be translated into fluent and up-to-date language.


CAT (Computer-Aided Translation)

CAT is used as a tool to assist a human translator. Today, machine translation is not considered accurate enough to be used instead of a human. A translator must still incorporate an editing and correction phase to ensure terms have been correctly translated. However, CAT software enables a translator to save time  by alerting the user that a specific term has previously been translated, therefore, ensuring consistency throughout the document. Also, the user has the ability to create industry specific glossaries of terms, which is particularly beneficial and time saving for a client who has many similar documents to translate.


Our Areas of Specialization

industrial production
mechanical engineering

civil engineering

material safety data sheets (MSDS)
machine tools
packaging technology
chemical industry
consumer electronics industry
energy industry
IT industry
renewable energies industry (wind power, geothermics and solar energy)
steel industry
paper industry
textile industry
precision engineering
agricultural engineering
measurement and control technology
and many more ...



Technical Translation